Buying Guide

  1. Sofabed Buying Guide

    Sofabeds are an extremely versatile piece of furniture. Here's our guide to buying one.

    Alstons Memphis sofabed

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  2. Why buy British-made furniture?

    What makes British-made so great?

    Why buy British made furniture

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  3. Leather sofa versus fabric sofa

    Are you dreaming of a new sofa but undecided between leather and fabric?

    Tetrad Constable

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  4. Dreaming of a new bed?

    As we begin National Bed Month is it time to replace your bed?

    Harrison Burford divan set

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  5. Is it time for a new bed?

    Eight signs that it might be time for a new bed or mattress.

    Do you find yourself springing out of bed in the morning following a great night's sleep or do you have to force yourself to get up?

    As we near the end of National Bed Month, The Sleep Council's annual

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  6. Choosing chairs for your dining table

    A guide to choosing dining chairs to complement your table and room.

    Most dining tables come with matching dining chairs. However, if you’d like an individual look or want to keep your existing table but refresh your dining room, you might want to buy separate dining chairs.  

    Here’s our guide to choo

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  7. How To Choose The Perfect Armchair

    Looking for a new armchair? Read our buying guide.


    Whether you want more seating in your living room or a statement piece for your hallway, here’s a guide to finding the right armchair for your home.

    Here are the key things to consider:


    You’ll want to fi

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  8. Tips To Make A Room Feel Bigger

    Do you have a room in your home that feels small? Follow our simple tips to create the illusion of space.

    There are many simple ways to create the illusion of space and make the room more functional. Here are our tips:

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  9. Leather or fabric sofa?

    If you're struggling between leather and fabric read about the benefits of each. 

    New sofas are a big purchase, so you want to be happy with your choice for a long time ahead. A common dilemma experienced when deciding on a new sofa is whether to buy leather or fabric.

    Leather and fabric sofas both have

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  10. Tips on Choosing Furniture For Your Home

    Are you buying furniture for a new home? Read our buying tips first.

    For many people buying a new home also involves spending on new furniture. Whatever your circumstances - buying a bigger home, purchasing a new style of property, or buying a home for the first time - you are likely to want

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