Individually hand-crafted and made to order, British-made Vispring beds give the ultimate comfort and support for a perfect night's sleep.

Hand-made Vispring bed

Makers of luxury beds since 1901 and the creators of the world's first pocket sprung mattress, Vispring know how to make beds that are a joy to sleep in.

Vispring beds have graced the first-class cabins of legendary ocean liners, the suites of the world's most luxurious hotels, and bedrooms across the world. Vispring beds are the perfect bed, and here's why.

Why choose a Vispring bed?

Bespoke to you

Each Vispring bed is individually handcrafted to your exact specifications. You can choose from different spring tensions (soft, medium, firm and extra firm), fillings and sizes to suit your specific comfort requirements.

Hand-made craftsmanship

Hand-made by master craftsmen who've spent years learning their trade, every Vispring bed is created with an attention to detail that ensures exceptional quality.

Pocket sprung

58 distinct spring types made from the finest Vanadium steel, create the perfect mattress tension. Each spring is enclosed in a natural cotton calico pocket to ensure excellent breathability inside the mattress. 

Hand-nested pocket springs

Vispring craftsmen hand-nest the pocket springs in a honeycomb pattern. This technique enables the pocketed springs to work independently and gently support you as you sleep.

Finest natural fillings

Vispring uses only the most luxurious natural fillings sourced from around the world, including the finest quality horsetail from Austria, 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool and wool from the Shetland Isles. These carefully sourced natural materials are selected and blended to provide the ultimate in comfort and support.

Generous fillings

Each Vispring mattress Vispring contains generous quantities of natural fillings for cushioning and support. The fillings are hand teased to allow air to move freely within the mattress and enable the bed to breathe. 

Genuine hand stitching

Each bed is made with up to six rows of hand side-stitching, using 100% natural twine. This intricate technique means there is no need for a metal rod edge, which would reduce spring autonomy and comfort. The perfect edge-to-edge support improves mattress longevity.


Evenly distributed by hand, tufts hold the fillings in place without the need for metal rods and create a voluptuously contoured surface.

Strength and longevity

Vispring uses slow grown Scandinavian softwood and hardwood to construct its timber frames, and every joint is glued and screwed for added strength.

If you're looking for your dream bed, try a Vispring.