If you're dreaming of a new sofa but unsure whether to choose leather or fabric here's the lowdown to help you decide.

We sell both leather sofas and fabric sofas and find they are equally popular with our customers.

It generally comes down to personal preference. But, here's a summary of the benefits of each material to help you decide which sofa is right for you and your home.

Why choose a leather sofa?

Stressless Legend sofa


Leather tends to last longer than fabric. It's stronger, less likely to tear or fray and dark coloured leather is stain resistant. If you look after leather, it will last for years.


Unlike fabric, leather doesn’t harbour dust mites and other allergens making it a preferential material for allergy sufferers.


Leather is effortless to clean, unlike fabric which needs to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Also, you can easily wipe spills off leather furniture, which is appealing if you have young children or pets in your home.


Leather sofas tend to look more upmarket and higher-end than their fabric counterparts.

Why choose a fabric sofa?

Parker Knoll Wycombe sofa


Fabric sofas are often more comfortable than leather sofas. As the fabric is soft and tactile, it has a warmer and cosier feel than leather. Leather sofas sometimes feel cold in the winter and sticky to sit on in the summer.


For a more extensive choice of colour, pattern options and finishes you're better off choosing a fabric sofa. Due to the nature of the material, leather sofas have a more restricted colour palette which might not suit your home decor and style.


Fabric sofas are generally cheaper than leather sofas.

Ultimately, your decision will probably come down to personal preference, but it's worth considering the pros and cons of each when making your decision.

If you fancy both, most sofa manufacturers, for example, Parker Knoll and G Plan, offer leather and fabric options within each collection. Or, for a real hybrid there's the Tetrad Constable with its leather base and fabric cushion covers.

We sell a large selection of leather and fabric sofa collections. Please browse online, and we'll be able to take your order as soon as we're allowed to reopen after the UK lockdown.