British furniture manufacture has a history spanning hundreds of years. If you're looking for new furniture, we recommend you buy British-made and here's why:

Better for the environment

Since air transport, a significant contributor to global warming is not necessary when you buy British furniture; you'll be doing your bit to help the world's carbon footprint.

British made Alstons sofa

Faster delivery

Buying closer to home ensures that you'll receive your new furniture quicker than if it was coming from abroad. When you've chosen your dream sofa or bed, why would you want to wait to enjoy it?

Quality craftsmanship

Many British furniture manufacturers use time-honoured techniques that have often been passed from generation to generation: the result - furniture of the highest quality that has been made to last.

Ethically produced

British manufacture is ethically sound. Furniture factories are bound by strict UK and EU legislation which protects their workers and means you can buy with a clear conscience.

British made ercol dining table

Variety of choice

The British furniture industry is amazingly diverse. From traditional to contemporary and low-cost to high-end, British furniture offers something for everyone.

Good for the local economy

Buying British helps our economy. Supporting regional brands creates jobs and puts money back into our local communities.

British made Harrisons bed

Our British brands

We're proud to stock several British-made furniture brands, including Alstons, Duresta, ercol, G Plan, Harrison Spinks, Parker Knoll, Sherborne, Vispring and Wood Bros. Whether you're looking for a new bed, sofa or dining table, you'll be able to find one to your taste that's British-made.

All these furniture makers manufacture in the UK with several having a heritage spanning over 100 years.

So, if you'd like to buy British have a browse our website or visit us in-store (when we reopen on 15 June) to see our extensive British-made furniture collection.