A sofabed is an extremely versatile piece of furniture doubling as a comfortable seat and bed. Sofabeds are ideal if space in your home is limited or you want to make a room multi-purpose, and perfect for overnight guests now the lockdown restrictions are easing. Here are some tips to help you choose your new sofabed.

Alstons Poppy sofabed

Sofabed buying tips

1. Decide the primary function of your sofabed

Are you looking for a sofabed that will see regular use, or will it be for the occasional overnight stay? If your priority is to use the sofa as a guest bed, then the one you choose should offer maximum comfort and support as a bed. On the other hand, if your sofabed will only be used infrequently for guest stays, the comfort of the sofa will be your most important consideration. 

For occasional use, a bed with a standard foam mattress will be acceptable, but for regular guests, a deluxe spring mattress is better.

2. Measure the space you have available

Sofabeds come in varying sizes so measure the area where you plan to put it before you start browsing. Remember, you will need space in front of the sofa bed to open it out and turn it into a bed. Don't forget to check the width of your doorways that the sofa will need to pass through upon delivery.

3. Choose which type of sofabed you would like

There are two main categories of sofabed:

  1. Click-clack mechanism - the sofa's cushions unfold and lie flat to create a sleeping surface.
  2. Pull-out mechanism - the cushions are removed, and a spring-loaded metal frame pulls out from the sofa.

Click-clack sofabeds are often cheaper but not as comfortable as pull-out sofa beds. They're better suited to occasional use or for children.

4. Test the sofabed

In the shop, test out the sofa for comfort both as a sofa and as a bed. Also, ask the shop assistant to show you how the mechanism works and have a go at converting the sofa to a bed and back again. Some pull-out sofabeds can be heavy to lift out so check that you can operate the bed yourself.

We stock several styles of two and three-seater sofabeds which you can browse here. Interest-free credit is available on all sofabeds if you spend over £500 and we provide free delivery.