March is National Bed Month so if you're thinking it's time to replace your bed then you may find our bed shopping tips helpful.

A good night’s sleep is strongly influenced by the comfort of your bed. Most adults spend approximately one third of their lives sleeping so a comfortable bed is clearly an important priority. An unsupportive and uncomfortable bed is not conducive to a good night’s sleep and is likely to leave you tired, grumpy and unable to function fully.

If you find that you are waking up with stiffness or aches and pains or if your mattress is more than seven years old then it is probably time to invest in a new bed. Even if your bed looks OK it might not be giving you the support you need. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the right bed to suit you. 

Bed shopping tips: 

  • Before you hit the shops think about your requirements - what style of bed do you prefer (for example divan, zip and link or bedstead)? What size bed do you need? How much can you afford to spend? These decisions will narrow down your choice and make browsing easier when you get to the store. 
  • Remove your coat and shoes and lie on the bed for at least 10 minutes to see how comfortable it feels. Try out all the different positions you normally sleep in. 
  • To test whether the bed is giving you enough support, lie on your back and slide your hand into the hollow of your back. If your hand slides in easily, or there's a gap, the mattress is probably too firm for you. Likewise, if you can't slide your hand in, it's too soft. 
  • If the bed is for a couple shop together to ensure you are both happy with your choice. 
  • Check that the bed is long enough for you. If you are tall (over 1.8m), make sure that the bed is at least 15cm longer than your height. Buy the base and mattress together because the two are designed and manufactured to complement one another in terms of support. 
  • Take your time. This is an important purchase so don’t rush it. 

We stock a wide selection of beds from leading bed manufacturers including VispringHarrison BedsSalus, Dreamworks. You can try the beds out in store and take as much time as you need. Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions and help you make the right choice. 

All beds come with free delivery and interest-free credit is available on selected beds.