The arrival of spring often heralds a desire to refresh our homes after the long dark winter days. If you are thinking of replacing your old sofa it pays to know all the options. Buying a new sofa is a big investment so you want to get it right.


There are a myriad of designs to choose from so try to pick a style that complements your home and your own personal style. Do you prefer modern and contemporary, classic and traditional?

Sofas with high backs best suit rooms with high ceilings. A sofa model with legs showing the space underneath the sofa will make a small room appear larger.

If you have awkward spaces to fill a corner sofa can be the ideal solution. They come in a range of configurations, including L-shaped, U-shaped and C-shaped. A modular sofa can be divided up into several sections to give a flexible layout. 


Your choice of sofa will be dictated by the size of your room and how many people it needs to sit. Measure your room (and doorways!) before you head off to the shops.

Most sofa ranges come in a range of different sizes. A large (or grand) sofa will generally seat three average sized adults comfortably.  You can add extra seating with a couple of accent chairs or choose two small sofas over one large one.


Leather sofas have become extremely popular. They are easy to look after and stand up to wear and tear very well. Leather upholstery will age with use unless you go for a very smooth, highly treated finish.

Fabric sofas come with a bigger range of colour options and textures. They are not as easy to clean as leather but some models are available with washable or dry cleanable loose covers.

The sofa filling is also important. Feather-filled upholstery has a more relaxed, casual look and a softer sit. Foam upholstery feels more firm and supportive, and creates a more tailored appearance to a sofa. 


Select a colour that will complement your existing colour scheme and other furnishings. Adding an accent chair or some brightly coloured scatter cushions is a great way to inject some bold colour into your home without going the whole hog. 

Give yourself plenty of time when choosing a new sofa to find the model that is the most comfortable for you.

We stock a wide selection of leather and fabric sofas from leading manufacturers such as Parker Knoll, G Plan, Stressless, ercol and Alstons Upholstery - all available to try out in our Sidmouth showroom. All sofas come with free delivery and your old sofa can be taken away for sale at auction