Our guide to caring for your wooden dining furniture.

When you’ve just invested in new furniture for your dining room, you’ll want to keep it looking its best for years to come. 

Here’s our wooden dining furniture care guide to help you keep your new table and chairs in tip-top condition.

General Care

If you can, avoid placing your wooden dining furniture in direct sunlight as this will fade the wood.

Try and keep your dining table away from a direct heat source such as a radiator or open fire.  A high temperature with high humidity will cause the wood to swell and expand. Regular changes in heat and humidity could cause the wood to split.

Use tablemats for dining and place foam pads on the bottom of vases, lamps and ornaments to protect your dining table surface from becoming scratched and damaged.

Avoid rocking on chairs as this action unbalances the weight load and can weaken joints.

If you need to move your dining furniture, don’t drag or push it across the floor which can loosen the fixings, lift it carefully. 

Wipe up any spills immediately with some kitchen towel or a soft dry cloth. 


Dust your dining furniture regularly. Use a soft cloth and rub in the direction of the soft grain.

Avoid using cleaning products or sprays that contain silicone. Silicone soaks into the wood grain to cause a build-up upon the surface giving it a plastic-like sheen and making it sticky to the touch. 

To remove any dirt or grease, use a non-alkaline soap and water solution.

Dry the surface of your furniture after cleaning to prevent water damage.

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