If you’re thinking of buying a new dining table here are our tips to help you choose the right one.

With Christmas just a month away you’re probably thinking about the all important Christmas dinner and how you’re going to seat everyone comfortably around the table in which to enjoy it.

Dining tables are substantial pieces of furniture and not something we tend to replace very frequently. Here are our tips to help you choose the right one.

Room Space

Before you head off to the shops you need to measure the space you’ve got for your dining table.  There needs to be enough room for people to sit comfortably around the table and also move easily around the table. We recommend you allow a space of around 1 metre between the table and wall space.

Table Size

Dining tables come in a range of sizes. We find that tables, which seat 4-6 people are the most popular. 

When thinking about the size of your table consider how many people it needs to regularly accommodate.  Unless you’re using the table as a design feature or to fill a large space there is little point choosing something that sits 12 people when most of the year it’s only needed for 2.  

If you don’t have guests often but entertain on occasion then an extendable table is a great option.  They suit your day-to-day needs perfectly and can be opened out to create more dining space when you’ve got guests.

The ercol Windsor medium dining table seats 4-6 when closed and provides three extension leaves, seating 8-10 when fully extended, offering maximum flexibility.   

A drop leaf table also gives you a compact table with the flexibility to create extra dining space when needed.
Table Shape

A rectangular table is the classic choice and works well in a long, narrow room. 

The Old Charm Chatsworth dining table is a solid and traditional style, which would look equally at home in a grand dining room or country style kitchen.

Round tables are great for small spaces. They fit in tight spaces and have no sharp corners to bump into. Traditionally of a fixed size it is now possible to get extendable round tables to allow you to increase the number of dining places around the table.

The Skovby round dining table uses a unique patented extension system to extend the table size from 6 to 9 seat places.

Oval tables give you the flexibility of a round table for seating, plus also a hint at that classic rectangle shape.

The boat-shaped Skovby oval extending oak dining table has a brushed steel foot plate giving it a simple yet elegant design.

If you’re thinking of buying a new dining table we have a wide range of dining room furniture to suit any style, be it formal or casual, contemporary or traditional.  Please browse our dining furniture on the website or pop in to store.