A sofa that can be customised to fit any size living room from Belgain manufacturer Rom.

From limitless size and design options to innovative technological functions, every Rom sofa is custom-made to your requirements. 

All Rom sofas are built in width increments of 20cm meaning you can choose your size of sofa to fit your living room. The starting size is 160cm and you can add 20cm extensions to a maximum 340cm. Corner sofas can be made from a minimum of 200 x 200cm right up 340 x 340cm. 

All models are available in fabric or leather with a choice of feet.

A number of design and comfort options deliver the perfect level of relaxation:

  • RELAX system - easily adjustable, electronically controlled footrest.
  • ZEN headrest - electronically controlled headrest. Available as an individual option for every seat on the sofa, including corner seats.
  • Aladin Cosycontrol system - automatically adjusts to your favourite position, delivering truly individual comfort.
  • VARIO system - electronically controlled seat depth. Available for every seat surface.

We now have three Rom models on the shop floor:

  • Apollon
  • Ares
  • Montfort

With the innovative easy-to-use Rom app we can help you to configure your unique design that'll be the perfect match for your living room.

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