Do you have a room in your home that feels small? Follow our simple tips to create the illusion of space.

There are many simple ways to create the illusion of space and make the room more functional. Here are our tips:


The simplest and cheapest way to make a room feel bigger is to clear out the unnecessary clutter. Be bold and have a good clear out!

Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, brighten up dark corners and create the illusion of space.  Invest in a pair of large mirrors and hang them on opposite sides of the wall from one another.

Paint the walls in a light colour

Light colours are the best choice for small rooms as they reflect the light. Dark colours give the illusion that the space is smaller than it is. 

Replace curtains with blinds

Drawn curtains take up wall space and can encroach on the window. Using blinds rather than curtains will open up the window and allow more light into the room.

Place furniture against the wall 

Furniture blocking the view into a room and out to open spaces, will make a room will look cramped. Move furniture out and away from walkways. Furniture placed against the wall will free up floor space and make the room feel larger. 

Make the most of storage 

Clutter-free surfaces give the illusion of space so store away as much as you can. Choose furniture items that have storage built in such as an ottoman bed or a coffee table with a built in drawer underneath. 

Choose good lighting

Don’t rely on overhead light fixtures, which pool light in one spot. Try to have several lighting elements in every room. Illuminating the walls with recessed down lights will enhance the feeling of space.

Expose more floor

Furniture pieces that sit atop exposed legs, so they seem to float above the floor or glass/perspex items all give the impression of greater space. When you can see the floor underneath the furniture, the space feels larger.

Avoid large furniture items

A large piece of furniture in a small room can dominate the space and make it feel smaller than it is actually is. Why not replace a large sofa with two armchairs instead?

Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Cut down on the number of pieces of furniture in a room by choosing items that do more than one job, for example, storage cubes could double up as a coffee table.

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