Grey sofas are a popular choice with our customers, and it's not hard to see why. A grey sofa is versatile and easy to style and can be paired with several colours to create different design schemes. Here are some colour options that typically go well with a grey sofa:

Neutral tones

G Plan Seattle grey sofa

White: Crisp and clean, white can create a fresh, timeless look when paired with grey.
Beige: A warm beige complements the cool tones of grey and adds a cosy touch.
Cream: Similar to white, cream provides a soft and elegant contrast.

Earth tones

Stressless Fiona grey sofa

Taupe: A slightly brownish-grey taupe works well with various shades of grey.
Brown: Rich, deep browns can add warmth and sophistication to a grey sofa.
Green: Earthy greens like olive or sage can bring a natural and calming feel.

Cool tones

G Plan Riley grey sofa

Blue: Different shades of blue, from navy to light blue, can create a calming and cohesive palette.
Teal: A bold and stylish choice, teal can add vibrancy without overpowering the grey.
Charcoal: Darker shades of grey or charcoal can create a monochromatic and modern look.

Warm accents

Alstons Fairmont grey sofa

Mustard yellow: Adds a pop of colour and warmth to the neutral grey.
Coral: A vibrant and energetic choice that pairs well with light and dark greys.
Terracotta: Rustic and warm terracotta can create a cosy atmosphere.

Contrasting colours

Alstons Poppy grey sofa

Red: A bold choice, red can create a striking contrast with grey.
Purple: Deep purples or plums can add a touch of luxury and sophistication.
Emerald green: A jewel-toned green can create a lush and stylish look.

As you can see, pretty much any colour can go with grey, so your choice will come down to the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. When choosing wall colours and accessories, consider the amount of natural light in the room, as this will affect which colours will work best.